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Sicily holiday

Yes, Sicily appears like it's being expelled of Italy by the point of the boot, it's very much a part of this varied country. This island of Sicily Italy has its own different cultures and is worthy a visit all on its own - not least because it's challenging enough to get here from the Italian mainland that you really don't want to con yourself by just taking a few days to see it.
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San Gimignano

Hotels San Gimignano

A San Gimignano travel is particular in a few ways - all those towers make it fantastically picturesque from wherever outside the city and it's not reachable by train which does help keep the huge crowds away. It can still feel overrun during the day in the high season, primarily because big tour buses drop daily guests off for a few hours at a stretch, so if you really want to see these medieval streets at their most charming view, you'll want to sleep over at least one night.
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italy positano

Positano hotels

Positano, Italy is one of those long-time vacation spots of the rich and well-known, although it's now been infiltrated and normal common people can also take pleasure in it. The town itself goes up the hill away from the water, intending that most buildings that aren't right at water level have awesome views - and also that it's quite a hiking to get just about anywhere in Positano. Naturally, bearing in mind the most physical movement most people do all day during a trip to Positano is walk to and from the beach, a little hike uphill probably isn't such a bad thing.
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pisa italy tower

Pisa hotels

Well, what's there to tell about Pisa? It's got a leaning tower, that's right, but what they don't want you to recognize is that it's one of in all probability hundreds of leaning towers through Italy. The fact is that…

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naples vesuvius

Naples Italy hotels

Some people tell that things get more curious the farther south you move into Italy and Naples, south of Rome, is a special city to discover yourself if that is true. This is a huge and crowded city with some of the most hectic traffic in Europe, but it’s close to the Mount Vesuvius volcano and also so full with history that you won’t have to worry about getting bored here. Naples is renowned for pickpockets and other trivial criminals however, so caution and common sense should be used.
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milan italy attractions

Milan Italy accommodation

Milan is one of Italy's main cities, but isn't necessarily a city that visitors go to massively when touring the country. Milan is Italy's financial center and likewise one of the great fashion capitals of the world. Those things add up to marvelous high-end shopping and fashionable nightlife, but they don't do much good for the hikers. Milan definitely has some interesting views and plenty of history, but except you are really a fashion person there might be better alternatives for those doing a short tour of Italy.
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florence italy

Hotel accommodation Florence center

Florence is a huge enough city that there are enough of places to choose from, in all budget rates. From hostels to hotels, Florence has it all - verify around and you might even find a great deal on a budget hotel right in the center of things. Hotels in Florence are frequently pretty expensive throughout the year and many are centrally situated, albeit a number of popular cheaper Florence hotel alternatives are available. Accommodation in Florence during the high season rapidly becomes fully reserved in the most popular hotels and it can be advisable to book at least fortnights ahead.
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vernazza italy

Cinque terre hotel in Vernazza

Vernazza is to many the favorite of the five villages that comprise Cinque Terre (literally five lands) on the Italian Riviera. The track leads down past stone houses painted in rich chromaticities that counterpoint starkly with black volcanic rocks on which they rest. In Vernazza the track extends, becoming a series of cobblestone made-up lanes wide enough for a car, but built only to hold boats that are drawn up onto the streets during stormy weather. Vernazza is perhaps the most colorful towns of the Cinque Terre in Italy.
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Tours of the Amalfi coast

Ravello also is best-known for two of the Amalfi Coast's most famous spots — the Villa Rufolo and the Villa Cimbrone. Dating from the 12th century, the Villa Rufolo unites a variety of architectural styles, including a square Norman tower and an elaborate Moorish cloister. Its most known features, however, are the splendid gardens. A terrace garden looking out on the sea is the main site of the Ravello Festival, an yearly event from June to September, combining opera, dance and orchestral music.
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