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Milan Italy accommodation

Milan Italy accommodation

Milan is one of Italy’s major cities, but isn’t inevitably a city that travelers go to massively when traveling the area. Milan is Italy’s monetary center and as well one of the great fashion capitals of the world. Those things add to marvelous high-end shopping and fashionable night life, but they don’t do much good for the backpackers.


Milan absolutely has some entertaining sights and tons of history, but unless you are really a fashion person there might be better picks for those doing a short tour of Italy.

What To Do in Milan Italy

Alike so many other European cities, the main attractive force here is the old cathedral. The Duomo, as it’s named, is a huge Gothic church that was built commencing in the late 14th Century. You can get to the roof for astounding views of not only the city, but of the spires on top of the building as well. Referring to shopping, the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuale is just facing Duomo Square and this important indoor shopping mall is an attraction unto itself.

The well known painting The Last Supper was painted into a wall in a convent here, but it’s not in the shape it used to be in. Da Vinci’s masterpiece dates from 1495 and is amusing to experience in person, but you must make bookings way ahead to get in. In addition to fashion, Milan is famous for its famed football (socer) teams. AC Milan and Inter play at a stadium known as San Siro and tickets are from time to time obtainable on game day or at least by scalpers out front.

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Everything there is to know about the Famous Fresco in Milan: da Vinci’s The Last Supper

Da Vinci began his most recognizable work of art in 1495. The mural is painted in the convent that adjoins the Santa Maria delle Grazie. Instead of using the typical fresco technique of painting on wet plaster, da Vinci experimented with a new technique called fresco secco – painting on dry plaster. Because of the new method that was used, the painting did not adhere very well to the wall in the humid air, making the painting deteriorate over time.

Beginning in the late 1970s, the painting that covers 15 feet by 29 feet of wall underwent an extensive restoration that took 21 years to complete. Today, the room it is housed in is strictly temperature-controlled to prevent further deterioration, and only 25 people are allowed to view the famous fresco at a time and for a maximum of 15 minutes, as the body heat of visitors adds humidity to the air.

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Milan, Italy’s most business-focused city, looks to rival London

The city is already Italy’s financial hub. It is home to the country’s main stock exchange and Bocconi University, one of the top-rated universities for business and finance in Europe, which help provide a pool of talent. The government has floated the idea of offering passports to Bocconi students from outside the EU.

Milan is also a global fashion capital, with world-class shopping centred on the glossy Quadrilatero d’Oro. Male and female fashion weeks resonate through the city, which pioneered the concept of fashion-themed hotels and restaurants, including venues tagged by Armani, Bulgari, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.

Milan has plenty of practical advantages for entrepreneurs: fast train links, three airports and ample prime office space. The city has also been attracting more start-ups, thanks to 2013 legislation that facilitates visas, exempts businesses from certain taxes and allows for more flexible employee contracts.

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Getting in Milan Italy

Milan is well situated on the train lines so it’s a favorite stop for Eurail Pass bearers or anyone else passing across northern Italy. If coming up from further away than next doorway you’ll want to book a flight into Malpensa airport (code: MXP). This is the largest of three airports and the most popular for longer flights. Also check Linate Airport (code: LIN) and Orio al Serio Airport (code: BGY) as each covers some regional and low-cost carrier traffic.

Where To Stay in Milan Italy

The center of Milan is fairly compact and the public transportation system is solid. Since this is a business city on occasion things will be reserved up at unexpected times so plan ahead. There are various hostels in Milan and the usual assortment of hotels in Milan as well. Finding a cheap bed might be more challenging than finding one at one of the hotels in Rome, but if you start your preparation early enough you should have no problems. Prices have a propensity to be very high for the business-oriented accommodations, but throughout slow times of year these same rooms can be very cheap.


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