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lake como hotels

Lake Como Italy Hotels

The very first eyesight of the spectacular field of azure Lake Como, ringed by smaller gardens and woods and backed by the snow-capped Alps, most probably will call to mind strong sensations. Romance, soulfulness, even mild melancholy - these are…

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lerici gulf


In the twelfth century Lerici had been a maritime port of call and an essential trading center. Dante discusses Lerici in the Purgatory, Bocaccio sets the final scene of one of his short stories here and Petrarch chooses the fortissimus…

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Florence Italy

Top rated Italy luxury hotels

There are lots of luxury hotels in Italy, many of which blend in with the country's amazing countryside, wonderful old towns, and all round panoramas. Plenty of luxury hotels are placed in touristy places, such as Milan, Rome, Florence and…

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golf in italy

Golf Vacations in Italy

The process of planning a golf vacation in Italy in reality doesn't need to be that difficult, you just want to make certain you start your preparing far enough ahead of time that you may truly put some thought and…

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portofino hotel

Portofino Italy Hotels

Portofino is a small Italian fishing town, a tourist resort located in the province of Genoa on the Italian Riviera. The town crowded round its little harbour is regarded as a one of the most attractive Mediterranean ports. Portofino is…

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guided tours of italy

Tours Of Italy

If you know a little Italian, you should check out the attractive country of Italy by yourself. If, however, you’re looking to sit back and pack in as much of the country as possible, try one of the guided tours of Italy supplied by several travel services. You’ll normally get a more affordable deal and you’ll take pleasure in the country on an air-conditioned bus, complete with an Italian - speaking interpreter.
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rome colosseum

Traveling in Italy

Italy, the country of beauty, fashion, history and culture has been considered as one of the most generalized tourist destinations in the world. For those who like to travel and travel to romantic places, Italy is the most recognized site to stop at, not only it is loving but it has extremely interesting buildings, monuments and architectural achievements which are part of history, so those who love to scrutinize the meaning behind art will find this place to be an implausible historical and artistic puzzle.
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holidays in italy

Italy holiday packages

Italy is a fascinating state with historical cities, scenic countryside, mountains, nice-looking coast and art riches. There are lots of museums and artifacts for the history enthusiast. It's a modern country too and offers the highly rated in designer clothes shopping and fine cuisine. Holidays in Italy could be very expensive but tourists on a budget can still have a great time if they look around for the cheaper accommodation and eating places.
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sorrento italy

Sorrento hotel

The costs for hotels in Sorrento can get truly high really quickly, so if you see a booking that's in your price range and you're traveling during the peak season, don't wait too long before booking it. You can begin by looking through these Sorrento hostels and Sorrento hotels and reserve a room today.
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siena italy

Siena hotels Italy

If you talk about Siena, Italy to a group of tourists, it's probably at least one of them will start gushing with superlatives. But rather than assuming they've had too much phantasy, you should believe what they're saying - this medieval Tuscan town positively oozes out appeal, despite being mainly invaded by holidaymakers during the peak season. Somehow Siena manages to host all those crowds daily, year after year, and not miss her lustre. Whether you go to vacation on a day-trip from Florence or you settle to stay here for a few days, Siena is likely to turn you into one of those people who raves at parties when someone mentions the name.
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