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Vacation to Venice Italy

Vacation to Venice Italy

Looking on Italy one is the compelled travel among many, a stay in a distinctive and extraordinary city of Venice. Venice is placed on the Venetian lagoon in the Gulf of its name, about 28 km from the town of Treviso (with a low cost airport) and for its peculiarity of the “Aquatic” city  has the highest tourist’s flow in Italy.

Declared in 1987 by UNESCO, humanity’s heritage welcomes tourists every year with its historical heritage encircled by a lagoon. Many resorts are envied to Italy and these give to guests the chance to check the history of this state between monuments and architecture beauties as well as beautiful landscapes and natural wealth.


Venice tours and things to do in Venice

The Must-Sees

And then there are the sights you just have to cross off your list while you’re in town. “I generally try to avoid tourist attractions, but there’s something about the Piazza San Marco that seems utterly timeless,” says Elizabeth Minchilli, an Italian-based travel blogger and creator of the Eat Italy app. Known in English as St. Mark’s Square, this spot might be inherently touristy, but it has a rich history. For centuries, it’s been the social, religious, and political epicenter of the city, the main attraction. Tourists and locals alike flock to the square daily; it’s home to a number of souvenir shops, world-renowned restaurants and cafes (more on that later), and live performances.

And that bridge you’ve seen on Instagram countless times? It’s called the Accademia Bridge, and it’s one of the most photographed places in the world. It’s also a hop, skip, and jump away from Palazzo Franchetti, a palace turned museum that frequently houses cultural events and art exhibits. The view isn’t bad either.

Another can’t-miss palace turned museum is Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale). It’s pretty much the epitome of the architectural glamour the city’s famous for, celebrated for its Venetian gothic style, sprawling courtyard, and Renaissance influences. According to Di Puorto, Doge’s Palace is still the political heart of the city, even though it no longer houses public offices and instead serves primarily as a popular public museum. Tours will walk you through some of the famous rooms, which include the former meeting places of the cabinet and council of the Republic of Venice before it fell in 1797.

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venice italy tours

Legendary for its Carnival and beauties which attracts millions of tourists during the period between spring and autumn, is a “gem” to go to vacation at any time, to live the magic of its 118 islands linked together by 354 bridges and then divided by 177 between canals and rills.

Among the islands, the Lido receives the International exhibition of art cinema which is Venice meeting point of many celebrities while the island of Murano is famous worldwide for exclusive glass working, additionally, there is the typical lace worked on the island of Burano, also famous for its very colorful houses.

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The word ‘Ciao!’ , we use so commonly

“Ciao”, the most famous and known Italian word (maybe on pair with Pizza ? ) is an absolutely authentic venetian word. The word we now all know, and the way italians use it in an informal way both for greeting and saying good bye, was once slightly different and was used in a formal way.

Ciao derives from the venetian word “s’ciao” (its root coming from the latin word sclavus), which meant slave. It was used by venetians as a reverential greeting, meaning “I am your slave”.

Only in the XIX century in Lombardia (the region of Milan) did the word lose its “s” and became simply “ciao”, loosing its reverential meaning too and starting to being used in all of Italy. An equivalent of “s’ciao” is the word “servus” that is commonly used still now in german speaking countries.

And this comforting morning cup of Caffe

Coffee was first introduced to Europe from Egypt through the city of Venice, where a flourishing trade between the local businessmen and Arabs enabled a large variety of commodities and goods to be imported. Merchants sold this coffee to the wealthy in Venice, charging greatly for the privilege of drinking this exciting new beverage which was initially used as a medicine and sold in spice shops before the tradition of coffee as we know it was born.

The first “botega da caffè“ in Piazza San Marco existed already at the end of the seventeenth century; but the real explosion of the phenomenon took place in 1700, with the emergence of numerous cafes and bars. Among these, one of the best known and oldest is undoubtedly the Florian, even now the symbol of the city. The caffe Florian is the oldest caffe house still functioning and was initially founded in 1720 under the name of “Alla Venezia Trionfante – InVenice Triumphant.”

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Given the endless inflow of tourists that the city each year must let in there are in Venice, many typical hotels as the reputable Hotel Ala, located in the heart of the city, near the famed St. Mark’s Square. Its a  three stars hotel, among the best of Venice, and offers to customers who stay in its 85 rooms decorated by Barocchetto Venetian-style as well as the original eight hundred and nine hundred furniture, to be able to take pleasure in fully the tone of Venetian spirit and spend some unforgettable days.

The only way to pass around, if you don’t visit walking, you can go in gondola or a ferry: visit the Venetian markets, small typical shops, and anyone that visits if only for one day  this magic city will be more rich.

The stay in Venice continues to be a must in picking out a journey between the wonders of Italy, among the many luxury hotels that stand out for the urban centers, or resort on coastlines, at the famous lakes, mountain or in splendid hills, but certainly in a Venice hotel you can live an unique enchantment that has no equal.

Venice airports

It is possible to arrive to Venice by plane using one of the two airports to choose from. The two ones are Marco Polo Airport and The Treviso Airport that is for low cost flights.

Low cost Treviso Airport has an impressive, airy, wooden-beamed departure hall, the rest of the airport terminal is not quite so spacious. Despite having 4 gates, there is only conceivably enough room here for 1 airline flight to take off at a time with not much seating, space or facilities to choose from. It is situated 3 kilometers west of Treviso and is approximately 20 kilometers from Venice. The airport serves mostly low cost international flights coming from London, Belgium, Germany, and Spain, and others.

A famous and widely used airport terminal in Venice is the VCE or Venice Marco Polo Airport. VCE is closest to the town of Venice. All flights that connect European destinations, take off from this airport terminal. Travelers who land at Marco Polo Airport can easily go to the northeastern region of Italy. Terminal building of VCE is especially made to support around 7 million visitors every year.


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