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Portofino Italy sightseeing

Portofino Italy sightseeing

Portofino is a colorful, semicircle shaped seaside village with delicate houses lining the shore of the harbor. Portofino has shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and luxury hotels. Portofino is where luxury, convenience, beauty, and an top-quality quality of life can be obtained.


Offering a particular blending of fishing traditions and beau monde, this picturesque near sea town is home to many of well-known actors and artists. You’ll often see yachts belonging to the jet set tied up alongside little fishing boats in the bay.

Portofino is very small and its colorfully painted harbor small town has become a favorite stopping point for the yachting set. This calm town has streets that leave up from the harbor where you can explore costly boutiques, souvenir shops and general stores. Portofino is especially famous for representations of the scenes and sights of the Piazzetta and marine life.

Looking down on beautiful Portofino

Portofino secures its visitors a fame lifestyle. If you desire to enjoy a bird’s-eye view, we advise you see the Church of San Giorgio from where you can see the harbor, the Roman Portus Delphini, and the rich palette of characteristic houses.

For a memorable tour we suggest you walk or have the ferry boat to the Abbey of San Fruttuoso, a site maintained by the National Trust for Italy. The complex is placed in a marvelous panoramic spot, in a deep inlet in the dented coastline of the Promontory, and you may see it any time of the year – experience the emotions of pilgrims following in the steps of 14th century monks.

Portofino does not only mean architectural heritage (with cases like the Church of San Martino and the Brown Castle), it also means nature and landscapes. Off the Portofino promontory, in fact, a Sea Reserve is broken into three areas: the first one is enclosed in the creek called Cala dell’Oro; the second one, extending from cape Punta del Faro to cape Punta Chiappa, – where you can catch a variety of sea fans, red coral, and the pretty sea fauna; and the third, an large undersea hayfield of Posidonia. You can swim in the blue sea or enjoy a diving session to see the Mohawk Deer wreck, and then see the green Park of the Mount of Portofino, with over 700 different flora species.


Portofino has the closest airport to it Genoa, served only to flights to United Kingdom by Ryanair from Stansted. Instead, Alitalia flies from Heathrow via Milan; some flights from Manchester are offered via Paris. For other flights you must go in Turin or Milan. Portofino is very much a goal for a day trip due to its size and comparatively high prices. It can be fully explored in a few hours and its soothing size broods familiarity rapidly.

Portofino can be attained by car or taxi (about $50 each way) from Genoa, but negotiate the transportation in advance. Ask the taxi driver to take you to the main square, Piazza Martiri dell’Olivetta.

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